We Provide High Impact Spear Phishing Simulations

We work with small and large financial institutions, industry leaders, politicans, and security teams, providing bespoke spear phishing simulation campaigns.
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What is Spear Phishing

We've all received phishing emails. Deposed royalty in a far off country seeking our help to secure their billions. A bogus security alert from a product we've never purchased. Spear phishing takes this tactic to the next level.

Spear phishing targets an individual--it's not a mass attack. The perpetrators behind spear phishing attacks select their targets carefully. Their targets are high--value decision makers and people with key access to critical assets.

The spear phishing emails are carefully crafted to fit the target's profile--their interests, hobbies, personal and business relationships, and communications.

Spear phishing is extremely effective, and a significant liability for an organization to combat.


What We Do

We research, build, and execute bespoke spear phishing campaigns.

Our post-campaign training provides one-on-one, personalized instruction, as well as organizational assistance to help increase awareness of, and protection from, targeted spear phishing attacks.


Threat actors are patient. Their attacks will be well researched and planned. In our simulations, we research each engagement with extreme ferocity--the same way your threat actors do.


Each engagement is unique. Our bespoke approach mirrors the way you are being targeted in the wild. Bad guys don't reuse infrastructure for high value targets--neither do we.


Our engagements can be short lived, or recurring. We continually monitor their effectiveness, and adapt our approach accordingly.


Our white-glove, one-on-one approach to training provides the tools needed to increase awareness of and protection from spear phishing.

Generalized phishing simulations are good for the masses, not for the high value targets

Running phishing simulations tests in large organization can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of general phishing campaigns. In today's evolving landscape, these attacks are being refined and highly-targeted to specific individuals. And their effectiveness is increasing.

$12 Billion

Lost in email scams
Source: FBI

270% Increase

In email scams targeting CEOs between 2015 and 2016
Source: FBI

$3.7 Million

Spent per year combating phishing, per large company
Source: CSO Online



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